Wearing a Wholesale Marcasite Brooch: An Old-fashion Trend or the Biggest Comeback of the Season?

Wholesale marcasite brooches have been used to enhance women outfit for the last century at least. Slowly they fade away for a time leaving space for other pieces to be in the center of the scene. Now they are back to reclaim the throne and put everything back to its place. This season find your perfect companion in the wide variety of wholesale marcasite brooches available in the market. Read on and learn how, where and with what to wear the biggest comeback of the season.

How to Wear a Wholesale Marcasite Brooch in 2019

Pulling off an outfit might not be easy, but when you enhance it with the right accessories, you are half the way there. For example, wearing night-time clothes in jet black is elegant and beautiful. Wearing the same outfit with the correct wholesale marcasite brooch can and will take it to the next level. This trend is growing slowly around the world and here are the tips to make it yours too.

The Bigger, the Better

Yes, same thing that happens with hoop earrings happens with wholesale marcasite brooches. Wearing a small brooch on the side of your coat won´t do it to be up to the trend; you need to go big. Going big means to acquire pieces that are noticeable and make a difference in your outfit. All the runways for the biggest brands showed their own version for this season. Versace even added them to the male collection. Also, as reported by Channel, the search for their vintage brooches online went up 5,000% in the last three months. 

This season, the motto is go big or go home, so you know what size to pick.

Choose the Best Design, Don´t Hold Back

Another golden rule for wearing wholesale marcasite brooches this season is to go for a wild design. Just like the bold years (sixties and eighties), brooches are an accessory you can buy in virtually any shape. There are companies that offer up to 800 different models. This allows you to choose the one that really calls you without holding back. I´m sure you can find some cool ones in your grandma´s house, but going wild is truly the way this season.

Combine it with Other Pieces 

In jewelry and especially with wholesale marcasite brooches, combination wins the race. You can definitely find some earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings to go with your brooch. The important matter is to keep it simple. For example, you can wear marcasite brooch on your coat and a beautiful marcasite necklace. Furthermore, it is possible to get matching owl pieces for your jacket or blouse and your ears. When it comes to combination, sky is the limit.

Be Bold, Be Trendy

Being trendy in current times means to be bold. You have to be up to the challenge when it comes to fashion. To be bold and trendy at the same time you can choose some designs that resemble the shape of animals. For example, this season lizards, owls, turtles, peacocks and more are hot for buying. Don´t hold back and let these powerful animals dress your coat or shirt.

Why is Marcasite the Right Material for your Brooch?

Marcasite has several advantages over other materials that make it the perfect choice for this season. 

  • Itiseasytoworkwith – Since marcasite is easier to work with than most other materials, it can compose extravagant pieces. Yes, artisans can create virtually any shape you like because it is malleable and durable. A wholesale marcasite brooch is the perfect choice to create your custom piece too.
  • It works wonders with silver – Silver is another hot material this season kicking gold away from the throne. Wear a wholesale marcasite brooch mixed with silver and some stone and be the trendiest person around.

Conclusion: Get a Wholesale Marcasite BroochToday

A wholesale marcasite brooch is the hottest accessory for all your outfits this season. They come in so many varieties that you can find one for every moment of the day and day of the week. This season to be trendy you need a wholesale marcasite brooch.